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Kate + Alison | Disco and Donkey Show Wedding

So first off, let me clarify for anyone here who may not be from Boston – when I say “The Donkey Show“, I mean the disco theater retelling of A Midsummer’s Night Dream that gets performed at The Oberon Theater in Harvard Square. Not – wherever your mind have gone (as it dragged itself through the gutter).

Okay! Now that we have that all cleared up…

When Kate and Alison first reached out to me, it was 3 days after my own bachelorette, which happened to end – ta-da! – at The Donkey Show. (Cue: serendipity everywhere). They described their wedding as a “super queer, sexy, disco filled night of fun” and I knew right away that they were my kind of peoples. They had their ceremony at the First Parish Church in Cambridge, renowned for their openness and political activeness, and then celebrated with the help of the Donkey Show cast and a DIY disco station at the Oberon after.

Their people were awesome, the dancing was amazing, the food was OUT OF THIS WORLD (shout out to Kate’s Table and the best man, Tina, who sous chefs for them), and the night was just glittery and sparkly and full of love.

When there’s mint in your bouquet…

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