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Jen + Mike | Airplanes + Endless Surprises

Fact: I don’t usually say yes to photographing the weddings of my friends. I’m frequently given the option, but, at this point in my career, I usually opt for celebrating (and drinking!) with my friends, over working a wedding where I know people in attendance.

But. It’s not every day someone as awesome as Jen gets married, and I just couldn’t pass up the opportunity to shoot it (plus, she claimed me back in the day – blood promise). (Just kidding).

Jen and I have been art-ing together since college at this point, and I knew the level of her craftiness, so I couldn’t wait to see what she cooked up. Plus, Mike is a great pair of her, and a total goofball, so, you can pretty much say they’re just my kind of peeps.

Jen and Mike got hitched at an airfield/golf course in Barto, PA called Butter Valley. Randomass golf course in PA?? Are you kidding??

Well. Let me tell you. Mike just so happens to a pilot with the Air Force and loooves him some planes, and Butter Valley was where he first learned how to do this thang. We actually did their family portraits in front of the first plane he ever flew.

Plus. Jen loves golf. So. What could be better?

Gotta get the girls up. 

You do know I make people make faces like this, even if we’re not previously friends, right?

So, these little cake-toppy-guys – Jen made these. She made the form (I can’t remember from what – clay or wood, or something that I was just generally like, “Whaaaaa…!?”), and then painted them herself. The dud even has a little Wagner name tag on it. 

And this was a first for me: the DJ actually Rick-rolled their first dance. (For those of you who haven’t experienced the Rick-roll). I figure, most couples might go berzerk that their romantic and emotionally significant day was busted upon by a Rick Rolling DJ, but Mike just grabbed the mic and rocked out, serenading Jen (quite impressively) to the 80s classic, “Never Gonna Give You Up.”

But don’t worry. They got to their own dance eventually. 

And! More surprises. Rocky Bullwinkle, Mascot of the Wilmington DE Blue Rocks baseball team, made an appearance! 

Actually, it was Mike’s tallest brother, Ed, dressed up, but I don’t think their mom knew that when he approached her. 

Finally, you know, fun with lights and bubble sticks. Because, who doesn’t love a little Star Wars reference and bubbles and amazing light?

Jen, my darling. Congrats. I’m so happy you found the man of your dreams, that you’re happy, and that you two are so stinking good looking 🙂

All my love,


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