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Steph + Daryl | Moments + Portraits

Because I never did start blogging in my off season and once again, I am behind.

Part of the hurdle of blogging for me is choosing images. How do you cull a 500 image wedding down into your favorite 20? Is it even possible? It’s like being a teenager all over again. “Which images do I like?” “Do these images show my true voice?” “What do these say about the couple? What do they say about me?”

So. Forget all the rules and wedding blog politicking. Here are my gut-instinct, favorite, top 10 images from Steph and Daryl’s wedding in March.

Steph and Daryl got married at The Verve Hotel in Natick, formerly, the Crown Plaza. Funny story – I had actually been a part of a boudoir marathon at this hotel years ago (maybe 8 years ago now?) and I couldn’t believe the make over it’s received since then. They’ve totally funkified, artified, and colorized the whole place – my body couldn’t keep up with how fast my mind took in and composed possible shots. It was a photographer’s dream. So, future couples, check it out – it’s amazeballs.

Steph and Daryl are artists themselves – Daryl is a musician (they had a set of cymbals set up as a “guest book”, which was very cool), and Steph is a visual artist without limits. She created every detail of the wedding – bouquets, center pieces, photobooth props, signage, everything. A truly talented duo, with amazing an (obviously) creative and wonderful set of friends of family to go with them.

So here they are – a couple moments and a couple portraits from their wedding. Enjoy!

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