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Nicole + Rob @ Fort Revere, Hull, MA

So, funny story. Nicole emailed me, maybe 2 months ago, for her wedding (which REALLY sadly, I will be in Tuscany for – and yes, I would, if I could, choose their wedding over Tuscany). Since we couldn’t get together for their wedding, we decided to knock out an engagement shoot instead.

Turns out, I KNOW Rob. WAAAAAY back in the day, I did some work for a radio station called Paranoid Zen, which Rob was a part of back in the day. According to Nicole, “When Rob saw your site (for the 100th time i might add) he was like…. ‘i think i know this girl’ – and he reminded me of those pictures- which, incidentally, were some of my favorite pics of him EVER.” (Yes, that part was a plug for me :)) This was Rob, back in the day.

And this is Rob now. Aren’t they super cute?
Nicole and Rob met at a music concert a while back, when Nicole’s friend bailed on her and she wound up hanging out with Rob for the next couple of days. Hooray for flakey friends!
I kinda had a blast photographing the two of them. Not only are they super cute, they’re super fun too.  This is also part of what I love about being a photographer. I would never have known Fort Revere ever existed, and man, what a beautiful place. Hull is actually a series of islands that are connected by more or less glorified sand bars, and Fort Revere is the farthest out and the farthest up, overlooking the rest of Hull. It really is stunning.  This was one of my most FAVORITE shots.  Gun fighting the Brits… err… each other.  Bang bang bang.
And this. Hey photographer lying all squished up on the floor – it’s a good thing both Nicole and Rob have a good vertical 🙂

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