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Laura + Mike, engaged!

So, as part of the proof of what a bad blogger I am, this is an engagement shoot I did last fall! Laura and Mike are getting married next month at the Boston University Castle, and I was flipping through their engagement photos and remembered how fun it was and decided to share. 

I love how teeny tiny she is. The three of us ran around the North End to start…

And then the real hilarity ensued. Laura and Mike met in college, and, one Halloween, they dressed up as the Burger King, and (drum roll…) the Dairy Queen! And, because they are TOTALLY awesome and hilarious, they decked out in their old costumes again for their save the dates. Because, how fitting for the Dairy Queen and Burger King to get married at the BU Castle. 

I also had a friend dress as the Burger King for Halloween in college… I still find it just as creepy. But also amazing. 

Bet you don’t see this every day:

This is what we think of McDonald’s…

Can’t wait for your wedding next month!


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