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I’m in love…

…with my new albums. Seriously. I’m having serious separation anxiety mailing them out to their permanent homes.

Why the big deal? My wonderful album company has started to offer albums printed on Fuji’s Deep Matte Paper. The color rendering is simply superb, and it’s silky to the touch. If you haven’t experienced it, here are a couple words to describe it: Luscious. Creamy. Delicious. Glorious. I was trying to explain this album to my mom, and I’m pretty sure she thought I was trying to describe a cream puff to her. She wouldn’t be far off. It’s amazing. And this isn’t subject to hyperbole.

Anyway. Enough of my gushing. Here’s the goodies:

But seriously. Nothing 2D can capture it’s goodness. Get one for yourself to see what I mean 🙂

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