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Elyse | Rockin’ Boudoir Photography

It’s that time of year when I start attempting to catch up on all the blog posts I didn’t write through the season! And I figured, since I’m running a BOUDOIR DAY in January, what better to blog than Elyse’s awesome boudoir shoot.  Elyse and I were connected through the amazing Sarah Miller, who also happened to do Elyse’s hair for this shoot. Big tip ladies – Elyse scheduled her boudoir shoot for the day of her hair and make-up trial, which is a GREAT way to make use of another day you just happen look even more glam than normal. Believe me. I had the great honor of being a maid of honor this fall, and after my hair trial with Sarah, I felt like a rockstar. I wanted to go out, put on a little black dress heels, and take my beau out to a fancy bar and have a tall stemmed cocktail while paparazzi followed me around and grabbed all my best angles.

Instead, I went to Walmart to exchange a broken microwave. Eat your heart out, People of Walmart – here I come.

One of the many things I love about Elyse (other than the fact that she’s super nerdy, does cosplay, is a sweetheart and has great taste in artisanal booze) is that she also dances burlesque and can really rock a hip pop. This is a lady who knows how to bring it.
And! Like I said, I’m hosting a BOUDOIR DAY in January at the Verb Hotel in Fenway, which includes hair done by the fantabulous Sarah Miller who did Elyse’s hair for this shoot! Check out the details here:


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