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Elyse + John | Stoudts Brewery | Adamstown, PA

There are no words for how much I love this lady and her wedding. Elyse and John shipped me down to Adamstown, PA for their awesome brewery wedding. Why Adamstown? Well, that’s where Elyse is from, and the two of them got ready at her parents home before trekking over to Stoudts There’s a getting ready stance for you. 

So, Elyse and I were introduced my our mutual friend who does both of our hair, the great Sarah Miller. Sarah also came down to PA with everyone, to do hair, and of course, to make sure Elyse’s undercut was on point by tightening it up right before call time:  Of course, with a brewery wedding, you can expect the bride and groom to have dedicated booze treats. 

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