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Carisa + Ted | Brooklyn, NY Engagement

Happy 2014! And the blog is coming out of hiatus. I figured I’d spend some of my slow-season catching up on my blogging from last year, and I couldn’t think of a better couple to start with than these two. These lovelies, my friends, are Carisa and Ted. 

And this lady is especially special to me, because I’ve known Carisa since she was born. We lived close together in Long Island and spent every weekend together for all of our childhood, and most weekends together until, well, I guess until I went to college. She’s the closest thing to a sister I’ve ever had and I love her to itty bitty pieces.

She met Ted after SHE graduated from college and started working, so I actually don’t know him as well as I would like. Though, the first time I met him at Carisa’s brother’s wedding, he let me boss him around endlessly in front of the camera, so I knew he must be a good guy. And, you know, there’s that whole thing where he makes her happy, too.

For their engagement shoot, we hit up all their favorite haunts in Williamsburg, Brooklyn, where their love bloomed (cute the “awww”).

Sidebar: I’m totally in love with Williamsburg, so if anyone wants to shoot there, I’m totally game.

We started out with some coffee:

And then ventured out into what turned out to be a very chilly day. 


And that’s my lovey. I’m so excited for her wedding this year, which I will not be photographing, coz I’ll be maid of honoring! Love you, girlie!

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