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Cali love with Reb and Joe

This is a hybrid personal post (a rarity, for sure). I spent the past week in the  San Francisco with one of my besties and her best guy. I’ve known Reb since we were in college – yes, ages ago. We studied abroad in France together and I’ve loved her ever since!

And along comes Joe her junior year, and I couldn’t imagine a more adorable pairing of awesome people. They’re just fantastically good looking and perfectly sweet together, and were kind enough to put me up in their home for a week so we could take photos and play around Castro.

I actually photographed Reb and Joe years ago, before they moved to San Fran, and before I even really had a photography biz worth telling anyone about. They were totally game to have me shoot them around Boston, which I think caused some confusion as to whether or not they were engaged back then. But. As you can see, they’re still as fun and bouncy as they were, and that was four years ago!

So my favorite part about this story is this: Reb and Joe have been together forever. And as much as I wish we talked more often, with the time difference and life, I just don’t talk to this lovely lady as often as I’d like to. But I did have the pleasure of seeing her last June when I went to visit SF and, over some deliciously artery-clogging food truck food, she told me she can’t imagine that she and Joe would get engaged any sooner than 2015, maybe. MAYBE.

A couple months later (if that!) I get an crazy email telling me she’s engaged! Boom. Surprises done well.

And a little product placement! One of the first things you notice when you walk into their apartment (after absorbing how gorgeous it is) is that Reb and Joe have a fantastic assortment of blinged out sunglasses hanging on the wall. How did this collection come to be?? They’re part of a fabulous little club called Stunner of the Month, which sends them a new pair of “stunners” every month. I only mention this before, well, these two ARE stunners, and the stunners feature pretty heavily in this shoot, haha.


And at THIS point I have to plug something for Joe. This something. Is called. Batting.

Yes, batting. Batting is the act of hanging upside-down off of whatever ridiculous things you can find. Bonus points for making out with your lady/man in the process.

If you’d like to help us make batting an international phenomenon, hop on! You can post your photos to Facebook or Insta with the hashtag #batthatassup

Yup. Batting. True story. 

Reb and Joe are also amazing party throwers, and Burning Man enthusiasts. Thus, they have amazing props and costumes lying around, which we totally had to take advantage of, despite the fact that, for SF, it was becoming freezing.

Yay! I <3 you too so very much. Thanks again for being awesome for me, and I canNOT wait for the wedding in June!! <3 <3 <3

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