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Who’s That Girl? I’m Karina!


Who am I?

What can I say? I’m a people watcher. I became a photographer because I’m interested in people, love hearing their stories. Photography became my means of wriggling into people’s lives, of interacting with people I may have never met otherwise. I’m a little quirky, a little silly, and very fun loving. Cool people and cool photography excite me, and I love weddings because I get to put the two together – what could be better? I love tutus, cupcakes, Chucks, balloons, bright colors, a little chaos, awesome light, lovey couples and silly faces.

Who are you?

You like to laugh, you’re totally in love, you can let loose and shake it on the dance floor. You make out in front of your friends, you don’t take yourself too seriously, and you know great photography is great art. And, if you like any of the things I listed above, we will probably be a great match. So drop me a line!

What’s my style?

Photojournalisc. Fun. Kinda funky. My photos are contemporary, candid, colorful and genuine. I’m that photographer that gets on the ground or in a tree to get the best angle, the most interesting shot, and sometimes, just to make you smile. Half your wedding guests will have a camera, so my job at your wedding is to get those shots no one else can get, to make your day look like a piece of art — something you’ll not only treasure forever, but look back on and say, “That was awesome!”