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Imagine living in Switzerland and planning a wedding in San Francisco, while you’re also coordinating a job change and a move (plus a house purchase) in the Chicago-area.

Sounds like a lot right? So, you can imagine, it must take some pretty unbelievable, coordinated and in-sync folks to pull all this off. And that’s Emily and Chris! Totally candid, organized, and simply amazing.

Emily and Chris got married at the Presidio in San Francisco, which had the wonderful benefit of being close enough to the Golden Gate Bridge to venture a little hike out there pre-ceremony for some stellar portraits.

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This is the amazing story about a Portuguese beauty and a lovely Canadian who met in London, fell in love, moved to Cambridge and then got married in Brooklyn on Saint Patrick’s Day. In their own words: “Sarah is slightly obsessed with coffee. She needs it. She needs a lot of it. Luisa has been trained to provide her with lots and lots of coffee and this may be the main reason why Sarah is agreeing to marry her. They have an Instagram account for their cats and hope to one day make a living off of it. They might be kidding about this one… But then again they might be serious.”

And when your fiancee works for PWC, and you decide to give out Oscars at your wedding, you better make damn sure she’s announcing the right awardees.

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