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So first off, let me clarify for anyone here who may not be from Boston – when I say “The Donkey Show“, I mean the disco theater retelling of A Midsummer’s Night Dream that gets performed at The Oberon Theater in Harvard Square. Not – wherever your mind have gone (as it dragged itself through the gutter).

Okay! Now that we have that all cleared up…

When Kate and Alison first reached out to me, it was 3 days after my own bachelorette, which happened to end – ta-da! – at The Donkey Show. (Cue: serendipity everywhere). They described their wedding as a “super queer, sexy, disco filled night of fun” and I knew right away that they were my kind of peoples. They had their ceremony at the First Parish Church in Cambridge, renowned for their openness and political activeness, and then celebrated with the help of the Donkey Show cast and a DIY disco station at the Oberon after.

Their people were awesome, the dancing was amazing, the food was OUT OF THIS WORLD (shout out to Kate’s Table and the best man, Tina, who sous chefs for them), and the night was just glittery and sparkly and full of love.

When there’s mint in your bouquet…

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I’ve been getting a lot of these lately and I love them – elopements that are just the officiant, the couple, and myself. I love them. They’re so intimate and touching, and I am endlessly honored to partake in such a private ceremony.

Tina and Barbara got ready at their home in JP, got married by a friend of theirs at the Arnold Arboretum, and topped the whole thing off with a couple beers at the Publik Haus. The weather held out, it was beautiful, and I couldn’t ask for a more happy, giggly, in love couple.

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Omg, guys, we did it! We promised each other a shit ton of things, we got people in from all around the world, we threw a big party, and we got MARRIED!


Thank you to the amazing Matt Miller at we are diamond eyes, for being badass, making our day look as awesome as it felt, and heralding from Atlanta, so I don’t have to fight you for business:)

And if you care to see our ooey-gooey-goodness, check out our highlight trailer by the talented and perfectly inappropriate Jarrett Blinkhorn of JB Horn Films:

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How can you not love a really fluffy, pink, amazing dress, especially when put on an amazing beauty like Sarah, standing next to her hubby, Phil.
Sarah and Phil got married in the cold and dark of a Boston January. So, they very rightly opted to do a trash (or rock) the dress shoot once everything melted and warmed up! 

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